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How to Book a Grooming Appointment Online at Sterling K9 Retreat in Westerville, Ohio

Are you ready to book your dog's first appointment online? Although calling our salon is the most straightforward method, some people prefer to book their appointments online (myself included). Luckily, even though our booking system is a bit different at Sterling, it's quite easy to book an appointment online!

  1. Go to our homepage and click "Join the Pack!"

2. Fill out the info requested. This information is important and will help ensure that your dog will have all the needed contact and medical information for their appointment.

3. Click "Schedule a New Reservation or Grooming"

4. Click to request a reservation

5. Enter your service type and date into the left-hand column, then click the green boxes to select the date.

6. Fill out the required info, read & accept the terms and conditions, then click "Create Appointment"

If you want to schedule multiple appointments at specific intervals, for example- an appointment every two weeks, click "Other Dates".

7. If everything is correct, you should get a green box like this! Check your email, and make sure to download the Gingr app and log-in with us.


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