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Your dog deserves to be taken care of by animal care professionalsYour dog deserves to be mentally and physically fulfilled through science based care
You deserve honesty and transparency in communication with daily updates about the wellbeing of your dog
Sterling k9 was created from a passion for the well-being of animals and a local necessity for professional pet care services


 We take health and safety very seriously and only want the best for your fuzzy family member. Please review our vaccination requirements and policies call us today to schedule!


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What's Included?

Every dog is enrolled in a daycare program custom tailored for them based on their age, breed, health, socialization preferences, &  temperament.

Daily report cards
Digital report cards texted and e-mailed to you at the end of each day detailing your dog's well-being, what they did, and who their best friends were. 

Our hypoallergenic & elevated cots offer orthopedic support by alleviating pressure points on the hips, elbows, or shoulders that would become sore from lying on the ground. Pillow Toppers for dogs that love all things snuggly and Fleece Blanket Toppers for dogs that are often cold are available for an additional fee. 

LUXURY SUITES or Anti-anxiety Crates

Our deluxe anti-microbial Suites from Mason Company are the top of the line for the dog care industry! The suites range from 3x8, 4x6, and 4x8 in size. Your dog's suite size is determined by their size. If your dog displays anxiety-based destructive tendencies we will place them in one of our four anti-anxiety & indestructible TNC crates overnight for their well-being. 

To reduce anxiety and promote calmness all suites are painted in Fear Free colors, feature natural light, are equipped with smart TVs looping calming visuals and music, and have pet-safe lavender oil diffusing at a safe distance. 

Facility Accommodations
Our facility is climate-controlled year-round and constantly circulates fresh, clean air. We understand that the impact of subtle changes in lighting and tone can completely transform an atmosphere and enhance a mood, so we have installed dimmable lighting and a stereo system to assist with creating a relaxed and enjoyable environment for your pet’s stay with us!

Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner is included in all boarding stays. 

To reduce stressors and promote gut health please provide your dog's regular food. If your dog is on a raw diet we have specific refrigerators and freezers dedicated to the storage of their food. If your dog runs out of food during their boarding stay we will inform you and purchase a bag of their usual food. You are responsible for the cost of the food and a $5 convenience fee. 

Your dog's change in eating habits at Sterling K9 will be detailed in their report cards. It is normal for dogs to skip meals while boarding especially if they are free fed at home. We weigh all boarding dogs daily to monitor potential weight fluctuations. If your dog has not eaten in 24 hours we will add mix-ins like broth, Greek yogurt, and wet food after consulting with you directly at no additional charge.  

Indoor Grass & Rubber Flooring for Joint Health
Our facility features a best-in-class rubberized floor that helps dogs, young and old maintain healthy joints!

Playrooms are also equipped with K9Grass®. K9Grass® is an indoor grass product specifically for dogs. Designed with AlphaSa® antimicrobial technology built into each blade, this fosters a clean, safe environment for dogs.

Medications & Supplements
All medications and supplements you provide will be given to your dog as instructed. Prior to your arrival please fill out our medication form to help us take the best care of your dog as possible. 

There is a $5 hazardous waste disposal fee associated with any medication that must be given via a syringe. 

Staff Certified In

  • Canine body language

  • Canine small group play

  • Canine infectious disease management

  • Customer service etiquette

  • Emergency preparedness

  • Fire safety

  • Heat stress

  • Hazard communication

Our dynamic pricing structure depends on three factors: time of year the reservation begins or ends, package you select for their boarding stay, and daycare program best suited for your dog. Similar to a hotel, we must increase staffing at specific times of the year to maintain the quality of care your dogs deserve. For an exact quote please use your customer portal

Boarding Packages
We have different packages custom tailored to individual dogs to give them the best vacations possible.  Learn more about our different packages.


Daycare Programs
Every dog is required to be enrolled in a daycare program best suited for their age, breed, health, and socialization preferences. Learn more about our award-winning daycare programs. 

Boarding Options





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Enroll Today!

The first step to making an appointment is to create a profile for your pup. Once your pup's profile is created, our team will call your vet to get your vaccines. To get a free peanut butter-filled kong for your pup's first visit, schedule your own reservation today!

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