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The Importance of Getting your Puppy Groomed Early

Who doesn’t love a fluffy little puppy? Puppyhood is one of the most magical times of a dog’s life, but unfortunately, many things often get overlooked during the excitement of getting a new puppy. Many new pet parents make the mistake of not getting their dog accustomed to grooming, which can lead to issues down the road.

1. Your puppy needs to get used to being touched

Most puppies are used to being petted, held, and snuggled by the time they’re ready to go to their forever homes. However, this doesn’t mean they’re fine with being touched everywhere. In order for a dog groomer to do the best job possible, a dog needs to be at least somewhat cooperative. And if your dog isn’t conditioned to having their face, nails, paws, and tail touched, it can lead to problems down the line. After all, desensitizing your dog to the groomer in their first few months of life is much easier than doing it at an older age.

2. Your puppy might be hiding health problems

Dog grooming isn’t just about making your dog look clean and presentable. It’s also about maintaining the health and wellbeing of your canine companion. Here at Sterling K-9 Grooming in Westerville, Ohio, we perform health checks on your pet before their groom. While your puppy should be going to the vet once every 3-4 weeks, health problems can still develop in-between those times. Our dog groomers can detect problems such as ear infections, Hematomas, skin lesions, and Anemia. While they’re not veterinarians, they’re still trained to help maintain your dog’s wellbeing and detect certain issues.

3. Your dog will look forward to grooming visits

Most dog groomers realize that a puppy’s first few appointments are important. A good groomer will spend much of the first appointment bonding with the puppy and demonstrating that their grooming tools are harmless. During these crucial moments, your puppy will receive lots of love, attention, and treats. This helps your new family member form positive associations with being groomed so that they can live a more carefree and enriching life. A cooperative pet will look and feel better after a groom. Not only that, but cooperative dogs also have access to more hairstyle and accessory options that fearful dogs do not.

And if your dog is groomed at Sterling K-9 Grooming in Westerville, Ohio, they can have access to an indoor dog playground while they wait for their pet parents to return, which is just one more positive association they can form!

4. It’s Important to Build a Good Relationship with your Groomer

The importance of having a good relationship with your dog’s groomer is often understated. Since grooming a dog is quite complicated, it’s essential for a groomer to know what their client is talking about. Oftentimes, groomers can misinterpret what their client says, especially new clients. Building a strong relationship with your dog’s groomer from a young age helps the groomer to understand the client’s preferences, which leads to less miscommunications and mistakes. It also makes your dog feel more comfortable than they would being tossed around from stranger to stranger.

5. It makes them look cuter

Your puppy is adorable as it is. But it would look even cuter with a clean coat and a bandana or some bows! If you are in the Westerville, Ohio area, check out our website. Our certified dog groomers have many years of experience with dogs and will make your puppy’s experience an amazing one. Check out the Grooming section of our website to learn how to book your appointment today!


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