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Orientation Day

Congratulations on joining the Sterling K-9 pack. Once you've downloaded our app, it's time to schedule an orientation for your pup! This day is very special; seen how it is your pup's first day of school.

Orientation day is designed with your pup's best interest in mind. Our enrichment team will assess demeanor, interaction with other dogs, and comfort in a group setting. Please keep in mind, Pups do have a harder "paw"sibility of not getting into our "Enrichment Curriculum" than a "Play All Day" setting. The biggest reasons for this can be:

  1. It's impossible to hide in our small group play

  2. Being receptive to other pups telling us no is hard

  3. Communicating appropriately with our friends can be challenging


We look for all these items and more. The process takes about an hour but can vary depending on your dog. Sterling K-9 retreat requires an orientation to ensure WE will be the best fit for your dogs moving forward.


Showing up before the bell rings at 9 am for their first day is a breeze with the help of our Enrichment Team calling your vet and uploaded your fur babies vaccine to their profile on your behalf. Check in are so easy with all the documentation already filled out from joining the pack. With an authentic greeting asking if you would like a tour, we walk you and your friend into the holding room. You are encouraged to take off leashes, harnesses, and COLARS and say you're good buys from there. While you make your way out, leaving your pup in the folding room, you are encouraged to put their things in one of the cubbies, followed by writing your name on the front. The Enrichment staff will come out to ask you if you have any further questions before you go.  


From there, we lead your pup into the enrichment room to catch up with all the new smells, sounds, and textures of any new place. When they are able to show the signs of being comfortable, we bring in a testing pup (we know well) with the same size, play style, and, most importantly, energy level.

The secret to life, we believe, is relationships, and that is why we are all coming to class. Finding out first friend is critical in creating a bridge to the next and building a pack with trust and respect needed for everyone to feel safe and comfortable.

As we are known for averaging six dogs in a pack, "IT's magical to watch a balanced pack as their personality comes to life"(Goodman, 2023).

After the orientation process finishes with a grade, we will give you a call to inform you whether they passed and are welcome to stay the rest of the day or if we are not a good fit and here to recommend an alternative choice better suited. 

In case we are not the best fit, we do want what is best for every one of our new friends. We can remember that sometimes our four-legged companion is not a daycare dog, which is ok! Being a family dog, or a You dog, is big enough of a responsibility. 

We can't wait to see you and your pup as we start this next adventure to find their new pack.  



For those of you that have a family member make it into our curriculum, We Offer $10 off your first month's membership when purchased on orientation day. We highly recommend grabbing one of our enrichment calendars and the newest edition of the 614 magazines in the vestibule. 

Agility Exercises.webp

Physical Agility 

Mental Enrichment Doggy Brain Training.webp

Mental Enrichment


We aim to provide the highest quality dog care in Westerville Ohio! We treat your companions like guests at a 5-star resort nstead of doggone exhausted.


Our deluxe doggy daycare staff are trained to enrich your pup while they stay, and our facilities feature luxurious enclosures, small group play, basic training,  grooming, and much more - all from our fully certified staff.

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