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COVID Update - We have curbside pick up and drop off avalable! (Text Pick Up to 855-452-0311)

Home of the Columbus'
"Play and Groom!"

Nobody likes waiting around for a groom to finish - simply drop your pup off as early as 7am and pick up as late as 7pm. The convenance you have been needing for a while!

Don't forget to ask us, "What's the Day's Enrichment Activity?

 We take health and safety very seriously and only want the best for your fuzzy
family member. Please review our 
vaccination requirements and policies call us today to schedule!

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The Sterling Advantage

We all want to be proud in saying, that's my pup!

We are one of the few places in Ohio that offers the most recognized k9 producti in the world, HYDRA by Pet Society. Imported from Brazil, this top shelf  treatment will get your pup standing  out no matter where you are in vibrancy and smell long after your visit.  

Don't forget to add HYDRA by Pet Society to your next visit!   

 We have reading material just for your family in mind. Click on or ask us about
Parenting Homework, New Puppy Success, and Matting Prevention

Because Your Best Friend Deserves The Best.

We focus on earning your dog's trust first - because their comfort is our top priority!

We love pampering our guests because we know a happy dog is a successful one.

We want to earn your trust too, and that's why all of our groomers have years of experience.

We also only use the highest quality shampoos, soaps, and tools to keep your pet's coat healthy and radiant!

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Join the Pack Today!

The first step to making an appointment is to create a profile for your pup. Once your pup's profile is created, our team will call your vet to get your vaccines. To get a free Peanut butter-filled kong for your pup's first visit, download the app illustrated below and schedule your first reservation today!

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