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Hybrid Enrichment Daycare

- Staff Recommended Program -

Half-day in our structured enrichment based daycare program, and two one-on-one mentally and physically fulfilling enrichments with a Enrichment Counselor helping to develop basic obedience, confidence, and impulse control skills that translate to better behaviors everywhere.

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 We take health and safety very seriously and only want the best for your fuzzy family member. Please review our vaccination requirements and policies call us today to schedule!


Group Enrichment Daycare

Columbus only Enrichment Dog Daycare Program

Columbus' ONLY dog daycare with a 1:9 maximum human-to-dog ratio. Dogs participate in pack enrichment activities such as agility, bubbles, gate manners, and positive-reinforcement training basic obedience exercises in between supervised group play with packs no larger than 9 dogs per human. 

All solo enrichments are available as add-ons. 

 We have reading materials just for your family in mind. Click on the following or ask
us about our 
Orientation Day Process
 , and Owner Page

Solo Enrichment Daycare 

Recommended for alternative days during extended boarding reservations, dogs that love people, dogs recovering from surgery, or dogs that may not be eligible for group play in our 1:9 maximum human to dog ratio packs

Three physically and mentally engaging solo enrichment activities spanning 30-35 minutes each. Two additional solo enrichments may be added to Solo Enrichment Daycare reservations. 

Built for dogs that are happiest and safest doing solo enrichments with Sterling K9 staff and/or small play groups with a maximum 1:3 human to dog ratio. Dogs rest in their own luxury cabin with raised Kuranda cot & Smart TV in between enrichments. 

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​"A new and improved breed of daycare emerge that structures the dog’s day, provides them with useful activities and helps them leave better than when they started coming. That’s what enrichment daycare can do. It’s the future of this business."

- OverDog Digital

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Enroll Today!

The first step to making an appointment is to create a profile for your pup. Once your pup's profile is created, our team will call your vet to get your vaccines. To get a free peanut butter-filled kong for your pup's first visit, schedule your own reservation today!

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