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Enrichment Grooming in Columbus Ohio

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Matting Is Neglecting Your Fur-Babys Hygiene Needs!

Sometimes parents can not afford to get caught up on matting, but catching up costs. 

We are Here For Your Pup!

As the saying goes, "You must train your barber," and the same goes for groomers.  We are not here to say we are the best because there is no such thing as a perfect groomer. We are simply here to put the work in. You are probably reading this needing a change, but you have been going to the same groomer since the beginning of time. We can't promise the first groom will be exactly what you want, but it will be good. 

We promise to get to "your" Pawfection by the third visit.

How can we make that promise? With our groomers having years of experie
nce and the best computer system in the industry, it's a done deal. Every groomer cuts the same, but each one has a different style, so the first step is to pick your groomer. You are able to look through the groomer's work HERE. The second step is to leave notes and/or pictures for the groomer as much as possible by texting:

Sterling K9 Retreats Grooming: +1 (855) 452-0311

By texting us pictures to reference, and the exact wording you wish to use, we are able to add these exact notes for the groomer to your pup's profile. The groomer is able to track all notes before every groom. This notes are essential to getting to where we need to be, and it takes all parties. (Parents, Staff, Groomer)

Pictures before the first groom:
Picture of a past groom(s)
you liked, or a photo from Google Images helps a lot from not shooting in the dark.

Texting/Call From The Groomer:

This conversation help refine what was added right before the groomer starts once the bath is out of the way 

Photos and note to hone the finished artwork:
These follow-up notes are esse
ntial to keep track of little details the parent wishes to tweak and notes to any anomaly the groomer finds along the way. 

ALERT: "We absolutely adore those clients that send us pictures with arrows!" Our ability to refer to these notes with pictures time stamped before each groom will help you refine the artwork in a way you could not in any other facility. 

This is how you are able to train your new groomer!


What is Enrichment Grooming?

Our daycare team says it the best "There is an endless amount of ways to enrich a pup". This is even on a grooming table or through the grooming process. The biggest way is to breathe up the time into smaller sections and use the time between to work with them, take a walk, or have a treat.

Activities can include but are not limited to:

  • Puzzles

  • Games

  • Noes work

  • Toys 

  • Bubble

The ability to recharge a pups emotional battery along the way allows us not to push them past their window of tolerance. Other groomeries run through 20 grooms a day, and don't have time to cultivate the relationship with your furbaby. This "one on one enrichment time" has so much value at all stages of a pup's life such as:

  1. Under 9 months:
    Enrichment grooming is essential for properly socializing pups under 9 months. This is a fragile time in their life, and any misstep could cause long-term trauma. Enrichment grooming allows puppies to see grooming as the fun and engaging activity that it can be while working through all the new sounds, smells, and textiles of the grooming process.

  2. Middle Life:
    Enrichment grooming gets dogs excited to leave the house. Seeing them bolt from the car to our lobby to start the fun while they are getting groomed makes my heart warm. Enrichment allows your dog to get excited for their next groom coming around the corner. We achieve this process by keeping them engaged through games, treats, and breaks. Could you imagine expecting a one-year-old to sit still for the entire haircut?  Dogs under 4 are the same. 

  3. End of Life
    Enrichment Grooming is great for older dogs. The enrichment keeps your dog mentally healthy as they age. As dog's age, their brains begin to decline just like ours - which can lead to depression and anxiety. Enrichment helps by keeping their mind active and engaged in learning new things. Enrichment Grooming is essential for those dogs that may not have an outlet otherwise.  

Sterling K9 Retreat is the best thing to happen to your pup since they moved in with you. Enrichment grooming will ensure every groom is fun and engaging.  Sterling K9  continues to set the #newstandard for dog services in Columbus. 


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