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Is your dog Physically
& Mentally Stimulated?

We are a Fear Free enrichment-based facility meaning we stimulate activities dogs would encounter in the wild to satisfy their physical and mental needs using only positive-reinforcement. Enrichment helps dogs avoid stress by giving them control over their environment and deters negative tendencies like excessive barking and inappropriate chewing. 

Our Hybrid Camp & Solo Camp programs provide the best balance of all five enrichment types. Learn more about the five types of enrichment and how we fulfill specific physical and mental at Sterling K9

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 We take health and safety very seriously and only want the best for your fuzzy family member. Please review our vaccination requirements and policies call us today to schedule!



Encourages dogs to use natural foraging behaviors to earn food

How at Sterling K9

  • Chews

  • Kongs of the Month

  • Searching for treats in the Ball Pit

  • Snuffle Mats

  • Puzzles


Helps improve dogs mental and physical condition. Decreases negative behaviors like excessive barking while increasing positive reinforcement and physical activity.



Gives dogs jobs that encourage physical and mental stimulation. 

How as Sterling K9

  • Agility

  • Bubble

  • Fetch

  • Positive-Reinforcement Fear Free dog training by independently-certified dog trainers​​


Combat boredom-based destructive behaviors by allowing dogs to release physical energy with mental engagement.​




Alter the complexity and quality of a dog’s space

How at Sterling K9

  • Elevated chew-proof Kuranda dog beds

  • Different shapes & textures of Dog FUNiture

  • Rotating safe toys to maintain the enriching effect of the toys

  • Splash Pads & Pools​


Provides outlet for positive expression of natural behaviors by providing dog’s control over their environment ​



Stimulate the sight, sound, & smell senses of dogs

how at scout's honor

  • Diffusing dog-safe lavender oil through facility

  • Tempered glass cabins providing outside views with natural light

  • Smart TVs playing calming visuals and sounds 



Promotes calming environment and discourages negative behaviors like destruction or excessive barking 



Positive contact between dogs and other species 

how at scout's honor

  • Positive-Reinforcement during polite play

  • Small & Supervised play groups



Positive contact between dogs and humans, other animals or new situations. 

 We take reading material just for your family in mind. Click on the following or askus about our Orientation Day Process , and Owner Page

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Solo enrichments are one-on-one activities with a Sterling k9 staff member

Included with:

Available as add-ons to all School programs.

Solo Enrichment vary in duration depending on each dog's enjoyment of specific enrichment and/or their learning threshold. 

Fear Free & positive-reinforcement to reward good enrichment experiences. 

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The first step to making an appointment is to create a profile for your pup. Once your pup's profile is created, our team will call your vet to get your vaccines. To get a free peanut butter-filled kong for your pup's first visit, schedule your own reservation today!

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