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Enrichment Dog Daycare

The New Standard in Doggy Daycare

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Our Vision

When we were looking for a truly high-quality dog daycare, we couldn't find one - so we realized we'd have to create that experience ourselves!


Our goal is to provide busy pet parents out there (like us!) with a

low-lift, worry-free, truly premium dog daycare

But we are not just a place for dogs to stay and play. 

We provide the best quality of care possible. That's why all of our guests enjoy our premium benefits. We're crafting experiences that are educational, intentional and deliberate.


Dogs leave Sterling K-9 Retreat happy-tired - not exhausted. Better trained - not with new bad habits. Safe and sound - not fresh from a scuffle. And most importantly - ready to relax and spend quality time with you at home!

We offer today’s companion dog more than an average life.
We owe it to them.

Our Best Friends Deserve the Best.

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All of our Dog Daycare & Dog Boarding Guests Receive:

Small Off Leash Play Groups.webp

Small Group
Off-Leash Play

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Luxury Amenities

Agility Exercises.webp

Physical Agility 

Mental Enrichment Doggy Brain Training.webp

Mental Enrichment


We aim to provide the highest quality dog care in Westerville Ohio! We treat your companions like guests at a 5-star resort nstead of doggone exhausted.


Our deluxe doggy daycare staff are trained to enrich your pup while they stay, and our facilities feature luxurious enclosures, small group play, basic training,  grooming, and much more - all from our fully certified staff.

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The New Standard: Enrichment Doggie Daycare

All of our Dog Daycare & Dog Boarding guests receive the following:

K9 Grass for Potty Training

Both of our play areas are outfitted with

K9 Grass to help maintain healthy potty 

habits. At most indoor daycares, dogs are

encouraged to eliminate on the floor, which

can lead to bad habits at home. Our K9

Grass simulates and look and smell of real

grass, which discourages dogs from peeing

and pooping on the floor. It's also a great

training tool for puppies. We also clean

the grass throughout the day to maintain

a healthy and sanitary play area. 


Basic Manners Training

We provide basic training for every guest - and practice commands they already know!
Positive Reinforcement Training Only.

*More advanced training coming soon!

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Physical Agility Exercises

Play should do more than just wear out your pup! Our exercise time is crafted to improve their skills instead of running them ragged.


Featuring AKC approved equipment like:

  • Balance tables

  • Open Tunnels

  • Weave poles & Bar Jumps
    ...And more!


Truly Premium Amenities

No more cold cages or crud!

We feature:

  • Luxury climate controlled dog lodging

  • Specialized sanitary K9 grass

  • Rubberized floors designed for joint health

  • Calming Music

  • Aromatic diffusers

...and more!


Seriously, it's more like a hotel.
We may have gone overboard. 😅 


Small Group, Off-Leash Play

Your companion should return from daycare happy-tired, not exhausted!
We strive to make your dog's stay as safe and enriching as possible.


That means:

  • Constant playroom supervision

  • Strategic grouping of dogs based on temperament and size - and preference!

  • We also watch dogs to see who their friends are, and then group them with their friends! 


Mental Enrichment

On top of small group play and training, we also prioritize other mentally engaging activities. Thinking is a healthy way to wear dogs out!


We have loads of  puzzles, scent games, behavior shaping games, and more.

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