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A Note From The Owner:

​Our Pursuit of Enrichment for Doggy Daycare

"Our primary goal at Sterling K-9 Retreat is to elevate what we have seen and experienced as a dog’s traditional experience at daycare. We’ve accomplished this by implementing enrichment-based programs for all levels of care throughout our facility.


In contrast with a traditional daycare model, when a dog is introduced at Sterling K-9 Retreat, careful measures are taken to ensure that your dog is engaged in environments that are designed to specifically elicit the behaviors we want to encourage.


These behaviors include sitting at doorways, off-leash recalls, and sitting still for grooming. Our facility has been designed with the assistance of noted industry experts to ensure we provide the dog’s entrusted to our care space to explore, build confidence and interact safely with other dogs.

Just as important, the foundation of our staff training is to instill confidence and leadership, resulting in staff that can properly recognize when to allow dogs to interact with each other, and when to become engaged by eliciting, and then reinforcing a desired behavior.


With this system, basic physical needs are met, but new puppies and adult dogs alike are also engaged in positive learning…both passively and actively throughout the day."


"Whether your dog participates in our small-group off-leash play program or personal play programs, our focus is providing enrichment activities in a safe and nurturing environment."

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