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Margaret N. Crabtree

Shop Management / Grooming Instructor

Margaret began cutting hair in her 20's. She attending Sterling K9 School of Grooming where she acquired her Master Groom Stylist Certificate. She first began teaching hair in Utah in 2013.

She has been teaching at Sterling K9 School of Grooming as a T2 Instructor since 2023.

Margaret is currently the Director of Education for Sterling K9 School of Grooming. She is a proud board member of the Board of K9 Cooperatives of Ohio and a k9 Stylist at Beyond the Paw Resort & Spaw. She is also a frequent substitute groomer for Sterling K9 Grooming.

Looking to Get Groomed?

The first step to making an appointment is to create a profile for your pup. Once your pup's profile is created, our team will call your vet to get your vaccines. To get a free peanut butter-filled kong for your pup's first visit schedule your appointment after creating your profile on line!

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