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Jeniffer Shively

Jennifer Groomer.jpg

"My memory is not that good, but they dont care"

Jennifer has been a certified groomer in the industry for 5+ years. After serving in the US Army, Jennifer began working for the legendary Blendon Kennels in Westerville, OH, where she found her passion for grooming.

After hearing about Sterling's Enrichment grooming philosophy, Jennifer began working at Sterling as an adjunct groomer to further her education in the trade.
With her experience and passion for the pups, she was instantly a great fit for the team. Her groom ensures the dogs are cared for inside and out. 


The unexpected loss of the owner of blendon, forced the facility to close their doors for the last time.  It was a no-brainer for Jennifer to jump in with both feet to join the Sterling K9 team full-time.

Sterling k9 was blessed to have Jennifer as a teammate within the K9 Cooperative. 

With time to think about what she wanted, Jennifer decided to make one last move! She decided to bite the bullet in become an employee again at the grooming "chain" Designer Paws. There she will get the opportunity to learn from Misty Gieczys and her well decorated career. We can't wait to see Jennifer's work evolve from "Kennel Cuts" to "precision'ed Breed clips" with their help!


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