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I had the opportunity to go to trade school while in high school. I was able to learn a lot about grooming basics and received my certificate in
Animal Science and Management from Tolles. When  I started working at Sterling, I was able to rekindle my passion for grooming. 


I spent 6 months driving to their training facility in Dayton to learn how to groom professionally. I was blessed to work with the best. After learning all I could, I worked in daycare as an enrichment lease where my team won Columbus' best dog destination. The Sterling Enrichment Room taught me a lot about the importance of the pup's mind. I am excited to become part of the only enrichment groomerie in Columnis and see what we can win next. I am so excited to make your pup a grooming report card as we enjoy our time together.

"Enrichment has Endless Options" 

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